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Piramit Danışmanlık, being one of the first providers of the Mystery Shopping Service in Turkey, was founded in 1998 by Berrin Kuleli.

Today operating with a database of more than 54.000 Mystery Shoppers all around Turkey, Piramit is a member of Mystery Shopping Providers Association and binds itself with the Code of Professional Standards and Ethics Agreement. Besides operating as the licensee of one of the leading Mystery Shopping companies in the world, MarketForce (Shop?NChek); Piramit has also strong dealings with international companies such as AB Better Business, DMS, Gap Buster, and Multi-Value.

Piramit Danışmanlık has reached to 75.000 visits annually working with the leading local and global companies with the most widespread, various, and advanced database in Turkey. Piramit offers international experience and professional service to all its customers performing in the sectors such as retail, petroleum, information /technology, supermarket, fast food/café/restaurant, health services, hotel/accommodation, banking/finance, freight/transportation, etc.


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